Hyperemesis and domperidone

Im 32 weeks and tried numerous antisickness medication during the 1st and 2nd trimesters that did not work. I've muddled along really struggling and ended up on antidepressants due to hyperemesis. I literally cannot eat any food without either vomiting straight away or battling extreme nausea for hours coupled with horrendous acid reflux that will lead to vomiting in the end anyway. I'm so fed up with it!! I've been crying my eyes out distressed again by my whole situation. I ended up searching for medication that speeds up the digestive system and found donperidone which is actually a 2nd line treatment for HG and I haven't tried it. It helps acid reflux, speeds up digestion and also works on the vomit centre in the brain. Has anyone tried this medication? Did it work, side effects ect? I'm going to as my DR for it next week as I'm desperate. Also and please don't cast judgement... has anyone been induced at 37 weeks for hyperemesis and spd?