How can you get rid of negativity around you??.

I am a very positive happy go lucky person.

I have my share of difficulties and sadness but i always try to forget it so that i can be happy.

I have a sis-in-law who is very negative and toxic. Its just her way of blaming other relatives who did her wrong is just too much. As of now she has no problems with me , but she is always trying to make me hate those ppl that she dont like.

I try my best to avoid and limit my contact with her but since she is a close family i have to meet her 2-3 times a month and few overnight stays.

Whenever i finish meeting with her, i feel so drained and negative that i get irritated with myself.

I hate the person i am becoming whenever i am with her and its ugly.

Out of love and respect for my brother who is very older than me, i try not to be rude to her.

She is so petty and finds fault in the way i do or say things, sadly i cant cut her out of my life.

She always has an attitude that her way of thinking is the right one and everyone else is wrong. Always try to impose those point of view on to others.

I just don't want to go along with her.


and i repeat i CAN'T cut her out if my life.