Mucus plug. 40+1 advice please!


How much mucus plug can your body actually lose? 😳

I had a stretch and sweep 4 days ago and the day after I lost the first ever piece of my mucus plug. Roughly the size of a tic tac. The next few toilet trips I lost abit more and then nothing until today! I have been checking my toilet paper since being pregnant incase of blood ect.

I’ve had some bad cramps today and and when I wiped I felt a lump, checked the toilet paper and there was more mucus plug literally the size of a golf ball?! How much can I lose?! 😳

Also, After having my stretch and sweep for 2 days I had brown/old blood stained discharge. (Which I know is normal) and then for the last 2 days I’ve had my normal white/clear discharge. My mucus plug had some old blood streaks in it. Does that class as a bloody show or is that usually fresh, bright red blood? :)