A bit of a rant.

So my husband and I got engaged Oct 2018. His sisters didnt agree for some reason, granted we where only together for about 2 years however the older of then literally put a "How could you, call me now!" to him on my post when we announced our engagement. This didnt sit well for me for the holidays and until I was given a real reason on why. I still havent received a real reason why tbh.

His mother was on dyalasis and getting ready for a kidney transplant. Shortly before his mother went in for the transplant we found out his father has Melanoma and it spread through his skin, bones, liver and lungs. Mother is doing fantastic post opp, father was doing better but things have taken a bad turn again.

Things got kinda dark their ends of the family. So we decided instead of waiting that we'd elope for a little trip to Vegas to marry. We did so on his fathers birthday and he is still thrilled, especially since its April 1st hah. We decided to try to get a grandson on way for him to to carry on the family name my hubs, his father and grandfather share. We wanted for his father to meet this grandbaby incase things happen.

His sisters still showed resentment/ where very reserved towards me and it's been rough with then. Even did the "They obviously got married because they where already pregnant" and "She trapped him" bull. Until we found out we where having a boy, the first and so far only true boy on their side of the family (they're done having kids) . Now they are all over trying to help. Be buddy buddy, get everything we may ever need etc and it really just... sucks. Like I dont mind people being suck ups and trying to help but after a few years of being casted out it's just weird. Now they want to help with our older two (my prev relations) when little comes, help clean etc.

Like I don't know. It kinda hurts, only reason they're being decent human beings to me and showing actual concern is because our son is due soon. It really went from minimal if any contact to "tell me everything you need because I got this and that" and "do you need help today" messages almost daily. I havent mattered to them the past 3 years, I guess I dont understand this sort of mind they have. I certainly appreciate the help and am beyond grateful, but I hate that its circumstances like this and not them trying to get along with me from the get go or even from when we got engaged.