Time for my birth story🥰

Destiny • pregnant with 1st💙❤️

Through the entire third trimester of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios. My fluid levels reached to 39 cm so I had weekly bpps and appointments ever since 32 weeks. The doctor planned on inducing me at 39 weeks so I was ready! Then my fluid started dropping to the regular levels the week before and he said we no longer need to do induction. 39 weeks came and went while being 0cm and 70% effaced and I got more eager waiting everyday for signs of labor. On the 15th at 9:50 I had my doctor appointment for 41 weeks. I didn’t even have to beg the doctor to schedule induction. He told me I’d get a call that day or the next to find out what time the hospital wanted me to come in. After my appointment my sister and I went to red lobster and got a call at 2pm telling me to come in at 3. So we went and got my bags and picked up my mom making it to the hospital by 3:30. Started the questioning process and got cytotec at 4:30. My nurse kept telling me since this was my first time and I’m being induced the process could take up to 3 days. I had barely slept the previous night so once I got the pill inserted a took a nap. I woke up to having some pretty frequent contractions but nothing like I haven’t been feeling. My nurse came in to adjust the monitor thinking something was wrong for it since the contractions were hitting 127. Then she realized it was actually me. After that there was a shift change and I got two nurses this time instead of one. They checked my cervix and I was still closed. My mom and sister left to go let out the dogs and I watched a YouTube video and laid back down to try to fall asleep again. Then all of a sudden I had gushed a little. I tightened up down there thinking for sure it was pee because I didn’t even feel or hear a pop or anything. It continued to flow so I called my nurses back in. As she said it probably was my water and even though I was just checked I had to be checked again to make sure the cord wasn’t out. I was also still closed. My mom and sister walked in to me shaking like a leaf from all the adrenaline and hormones. After that I ate before they were gonna start pitocin and I felt and heard cracking noises. I assume it was the baby changing his station position. They barely put the first dose of pitocin which they said wouldn’t really do anything. My contractions picked up significantly quick. My nurses were in my room most of my deliver. I thought I was being a baby about the pain and my nurse told me to let her check me cause if I made any progress I could have delauted. And surprisingly I was at 2cm. The medicine worked for about 25 minutes and then it started to pick up. I was leaned against the bed swaying side to side with contractions every couples minutes lasting forever. I started crying harder and she checked me. I was at a 5! They called for the epidural and siting through that had to be the hardest. I grabbed the nurses clothes and just screamed so loud because I couldn’t move at all and that was the only way I could dit through it. They checked me and I was an at by the end of getting the epidural. My mom left to go smoke outside and I ofc was laying on my side with the peanut between my legs gripping the side bar complaining so bad about the pressure. I though for sure I’m not ready to push yet. My mom walked back in and called the nurse to check me. And as I opened my legs the nurse said well his hair is sticking out. I pushed for 45 minutes and my baby was here at 3:31a.m. I only had a first degree tear. Everyone was in shock how I went in at 0 and had him with in hours. 6 lbs 14 ounces, and 21 inches