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Samantha • 8/25/19 💙👶

A short funny story today.

My husband and I were in Wal-Mart today. I kept trying to hold my husband's hand and he kept pulling away, jokingly. Just as we were walking past an older couple, he goes "Sam.. Someone might see us." My reply? "what? Afraid someone is gonna tell your wife?" This lady whips around so fast and gives him the evilest, adulterous look ever. Like if looks could kill. And then he goes "It doesn't help that I left my wedding ring in my other jeans." I seriously thought this lady was gonna have a heart attack or punch him 😂😂😂

So now there is this random lady from Wal-Mart who thinks my husband is cheating on his wife...... With his wife.

Side note: He can't wear his ring at work so he slipped it into his pocket, forgetting to take it off at home.