Baby came before induction


My 4th baby decided he would like to come on his own a half hour before my scheduled induction. At 1030pm on 11/14/19 my husband and I were laying in bed when we both felt this pop and i heard it. I jumped up to nothing but went to bathroom and thought maybe my water had broke. I walked around a good half hour before i was convinced yes this was my water. At first it was just dampness but then i started noticing small gushes every several mins. Went to the hospital and was admitted with contractions 3mins apart. I was 5cm. At 330am i felt an urge to push. Contractions were every 2mins lasting a full min. The pain was intense. However was only 7cm doc said lets wait it out a few more co tractions and check again. Well i had maybe 5 more and nurse propped a pillow up under my right hip. As soon as she did that, i felt baby slide down quick and my body instantly started pushing. My nurse caught my baby she could barly get her 2nd glove on in time lol. My sweet boy born at 39weeks 7lbs 14oz 20.5in