Casual evening out with hubby ♥️


Hubby and I had a much needed evening out! I dressed up a bit, and put a little makeup on. We went to the Mall of Georgia and ate some sushi and Haagen-Daz ice cream 🍣🍦😋 We also walked around and did some shopping. It was really nice, and we had lots of fun together ♥️

The mall looks so beautiful! It's all lit up with Christmas lights, green garland and huge Christmas trees! It's absolutely magical 💫🎄 Santa was even there taking pictures with the kids! We'll have to take our girls one day soon 😊🎅

I really wanted hubby to take a picture with me tonight, but he literally hates taking pictures! He wouldn't even do maternity photos! It really sucks ☹ Anyone else's hubby like this?