My boyfriend got another girl pregnant HELP.


The one and only man I’ve been in a relationship since we were in high school. We’ve been through a lot together and with that being said this year felt like I had held in too much and needed to get away and figure out what I really wanted with him. I left and moved back to my parents house and broke up with him shortly after. He begged me and tried so hard to get me to come back but I couldn’t. At least not right away. I needed space and I don’t think he understood that. He drove all the way from TX to IL just to try and get back with me. Shortly after he sends me roses worth $100 and helped me when I needed it. It made it so tempting to go back to him but I had the biggest urge to leave and just DO ME after 4 years. I was worried if I was making a mistake being with one person and not really dating like everyone else my age. (I’m 20) Well I figured only time can tell if we were going to get back together and 3 months later I’m still thinking about him and wishing we could do fix things the right way. So I reached out to him and I find out he has met someone else. It definitely hurt but I know it was bound to happen. Then I find out he jumps into a serious relationship with her and it hurt more to think he’d try to move on so quickly. Well it didn’t stop me from trying to ask him if would consider getting back with me. And he was but he was angry at me for leaving so he tried to be as hurtful as possible knowing I was willing to give it another chance. I ignored it and “let it slide” because I understood how he felt. And about 2 months later we’re getting back together and I’m moving back in with him. Now I didn’t think his ex thing would be a problem. But she messages him as soon as I get over here and says she pregnant... I was soooooooo angry to find out he was having unprotected sex with the next girl he meets and that he could be so irresponsible. But then I realize around the time she got pregnant I was in IL messaging him trying to work things out. So while he was treating me like I was nothing he was messing with her and now here we are. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IM SO HURT. He wants nothing to do with the baby because of me but I could not allow him to chose me over his unborn child. The even crazier part that freaked me out is that this baby’s due date is March 22, 2020. My birthday is March 21. I think I’m going to leave him.... I can’t be the reason he leaves a child fatherless. But I know he’ll beg me to stay with him. I just don’t know what the right decision is in this situation.😔