PAHLEASEEEEE give me some ideas!

Me & my bf are both homebodies. I've been living in my town almost 3 years and have made a total of 3 actual friends here lol. I'm just not a people person. He moved an hour away from his town and moved in with me a little over a year ago. He doesn't have friends here, by choice bc he's not a people person either. A couple of his friends from his town come visit every now and then and sometimes we go to his hometown but other than that we're always home when we're not working, which has always been fine until the last month or so it seems. I feel like our life is routined. He works 6 days a week so we're not around each other constantly except for Sunday bc it's both of our off day. We've run out of things to do around here pretty much. I guess what I'm asking is some ideas for a couple to do? We're not really the "go on a date" type people, but I do feel like we're kind of losing our spark. We've had some financial pressure put on the relationship recently and it's our first big issue in the relationship so I know this is going to test us, but we do communicate and make sure we're both still on the same page with everything. We just need some kind of excitement back in our lives. šŸ˜«