Just a reminder


Hey mamas- I’m a mama of 3 going on 4 and I just wanna put a friendly reminder out that not everyone’s labor experience is the same and that’s okay! Like I just saw a few posts of mamas asking about contractions. And a common response is: trust me you’ll know! This isn’t always true! You may not always know and that’s okay! With my third I had back labor but due to her position and how low she was I was SO used to the pain I had no idea I was in labor until a midwife checked me before a different medical procedure where she then told me my scan would have to wait as I was 7cm dilated! Yes, 7! I was almost done dilating and had no idea my back pain was actually contractions lol only reason I went in was because I kept falling from not feeling my leg and they were worried I had a blood clot so they had me come in. 😂😂 long story short, not every labor is the same and you can’t always tell but you can trust your body. You know when something isn’t right. Trust your instincts ladies, especially since we’re all so close to that finish line 🥰❤️🥰❤️