Might be upsetting but..


I wanna see two lines. I wanna be able to tell my fiancé that he’s gonna be a dad. I wanna see him tear up cause we’ve been trying so long.

I wanna wake up one morning, trip over the dog trying to get to the toilet because of morning sickness. I want my man to hold my hair up and tell me it’s okay because I’m doing it for the life inside my stomach.

I wanna be able to tell my grandpa he’s getting his first great grand baby. I want to tell my mom dad they’re getting their first grandchild.

I wanna feel the kicking. I want something so much more to live for. I want someone to look into my eyes and know it’s safe in my arms. I want someone to ask me a million questions in a minute as they play with their toys.

I wanna be able to have a family. I want to be in labor for hours and hours feeling pain because I’m about to meet the most important person in my life.

I wanna be a mom...