You sucked but you didn't ruin us

To my ex,

I loved you. I really, really did. You don't spend five years with someone for nothing. The fact that you noped the fuck out when I became pregnant was a blessing in disguise.

Not only do I have the most wonderful son, but you gave him a great opportunity as well. He gets to have more people who love him because guess what? Someone else wants the spot that you vehemently denied.

He's funny, caring, and honest. He doesn't lie to me or try to be someone else. He loves my son and wants to adopt him. Remember when you threatened me over putting your name on the birth certificate? Guess I've got you to thank for that empty space.

Now my son gets even more family. The only person missing out is you. Your parents love my son and I know they are trying their hardest to erase the mess that you made.

I hope you enjoy your druggy, miserable life. I'm glad you left a big hole in my heart. It just made more room for the love I have for my son and the love I am starting to form for my new partner.

I'm sure as heck glad you left.

With the all the disgust in my heart,

The person you fucked over 💜