I’m proud of this !! After going through a time of discouragement and emotions...I’m happy to see this !!

Jay • Angel Baby 31/10/18 👼🏻 Rainbow Baby due 15/10/19 🌈 🇨🇦 gave birth to Rainbow on 24/10/2019 at 5:55am !

I have inverted nipples 😫 hearing this and seeing this sucks !! I solely wanted to breastfeed with our daughter, however she was unable to latch since day one. I felt so discouraged and upset 😭 it also didn’t help when I had 6 nurses and 1 paediatrician come to assist with this in a day. That made me feel worse and even more discouraged. I have never felt that way before. To help with the breast feeding, my husband went out to buy nipple shields...it helped but our girl wasn’t getting enough. After so much frustration and crying sessions, my husband and I decided we should solely pump for the day and formula feed at night ! So far it has been working, and we have a healthy 3 week girl 💕❤️

Just seeing these bottles full for her feedings, makes me a proud mom !!