Bag fully packed ✅

Ashley • 👨🏽👩🏻👦🏽👧🏻👶🏽

I will be having a C Section, here is what I packed.


House Slippers

Breast Pads (my actually milk came in on my second day with my last baby)

2 nursing Bras

4 pair of Granny Panties

2 pair of Socks


1 gown

1 pajama set

Leggings/tshirts/hoody to wear home


Spare Contacts, case,eye drops


Face wash

Facial wipes


Tooth paste

Tooth brush

Bar of Dove Soap

Face Towel

Nipple cream

Feminine wipes

Pony tail holders

Deodorant Wipe (I sweat a lot after having my babies)

Hand Sanitizer


2 pair of pajama pants

2 long sleeve t shirts

2 pair of socks


Warm blanket (he gets cold easily 🤪


2 swaddles

2 binkys

4 outfits + some extra onesies. (Including hats)

4 pair of socks

Boppy Pillow

Waiting on my charger to arrive from Amazon & Wish Garden after ease drops for those damn contractions.

I also packed a few breast milk storage bags in case I have to pump because engorgement is REAL and if baby isn’t latching I’m going to have to pump. Picking my iPAD just to pass time. I’m also debating if I’m going to get the always discreet panties everybody keeps raving about & brining a few of my own pads. Also I have a postpartum compressing garment I may bring or just use their binder.

If you’ve had a c section and reccomend anything please comment below!