So the last few weeks, my husband and I were just at odds with each other. We got annoyed easier, argued a lot more, and things were just getting ugly.

Back in August, I bought my husband and I concert tickets for one of his favorite artists for his birthday. Thursday was the concert. With how things were going, I was like “Oh god, I don’t know how we’re gonna spend the next couple days together.” But, we drove the 3 hours to the concert, and it was 3 hours of laughter, singing, dancing. We get to the hotel, and it was SO gross. Completely the opposite of what was advertised online. My husband looked at me and just profusely apologized. I laughed and told him “We’ll make the best of this!” And we did.

From the beginning of the concert, until the end, my husband held me nice and close, kissing on me, making me feel like we were the only two people in the room, in a venue of 2000 screaming people. And that’s how I knew this was exactly what we needed. (Getting emotional writing this 😂) I fell in love with this man for this reason. This weekend, things didn’t go as planned. But I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. Glad I got to escape with him and reconnect 🥰