First time wearing fake eyelashes gone so wrong😭

Tonight I had plans w my bf to go eat and then go ice skating... somehow it turned into a big triple/quadruple date with his/our friends (which was fine lol. We do a lot of group things together)..

I got to where I stopped dressing up for my bf so tonight I tried to look super cute... I dressed up AND I put my fake eyelashes on that I had bought from my place of work.

I'm not a very confident person so I was already kind of self conscious ab being that bold, especially around his friends.

We were at the restaurant eating and my bf and I were laughing ab something and I leaned my head on his shoulder.. it grazed my eye CAUSING my eyelash to unattach from one side. I panicked and started tryna stick it back on, my bf is like what happened did it come off? Just go to the bathroom! So then I tell him to try to fix it and he starts trying and he's like babe it's not sticking just hurry and go to the bathroom, I dont want them to see.. so I just end up pulling them all the way off and I felt so embarrassed 😔

I dont think I'll ever wear them again😅