Don’t feel bonded to my baby

So I had a really traumatic birth, episiotomy and forceps I opted for an epidural but as I was induced my labour went too quick and had her 3 hours after my waters breaking, I lost a LOT of blood and became really anemic I fainted and had seizures just after having her and was unable to stand or hold her as I was so weak. My mum helps me a lot. I’m on iron tablets now but she’s almost 6 weeks old and I just don’t feel that bond yet I feel like she’s almost got so attached to my mum that she’s hers and not mine and I don’t know why I’m feeling this way she has been having her at night times because I’ve been worried about her stopping breathing or not being able to wake up when she cries etc, I’m still in a lot of pain down there, still anemic and I have costochondritis (inflammation or the rib cartilage) so I sometimes feel like I can’t breathe or my chest is being crushed I’m taking 8 tablets a day plus any paracetamol for pain if I need it, I don’t feel like I’m depressed so I’m not that worried about that, I just don’t know whether all these things are stopping me bond or because I didn’t have them first few days with her as I was too sick To look after her

Has anyone experienced this and then ended up getting that bond or should I see a doctor?