He stepped up when i needed him most

I had my second daughter a few months ago and I’ve been struggling with PPD pretty bad. I haven’t gotten used to my new body and I just feel so unattractive. I do see someone but it’s been a struggle with medications so far just finding what works for me. Anyway, my husband (of 16 years) works a lot and is always traveling for work which never bothered me before but with my new insecurity and stories on this app I just lost it and broke down in front of him accusing him of not being attracted to me and I’m paranoid every time he’s working out of town that he’s looking for someone because if we weren’t together and saw eachother in public he wouldn’t even give me a second look with how I look now. Embarrassed by my outburst I told him I needed to go for a drive to clear my head because as much as I feel out of control I still try to “normal” in front of my kids. So I went for a long drive and when I came home the kids weren’t at the house. He got my mom to watch them, had flowers on the table and cooked me dinner with candles. He then gave me a card that said “if I had the choice to do it all again, I would still choose you, you are my person”. He told me I’m the only one he loves and he understands I’m going through something he doesn’t understand but he still finds me beautiful. 😭 just wanted to share a positive story