Anyone with a similar story?


I'm supposed to be 7 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby. This past Wednesday I had an ultrasound and there is a sac and maybe a fetal pole but not enough for the doctor to say anything with confidence. She asked me if my dates could be wrong. They can't. We've been trying for 11 months and I've been tracking with opk's and BBT. Plus my first positive test was 10 dpo so putting me a week later is impossible. Friday I started spotting.  Chalked it up to my intense cleaning of the house the day before. It was only when using the rest room. Then there were some small clots and I started bawling. They had me come back in and I measured 5 weeks 5 days (so still exactly a week behind). They couldn't find where the bleeding was from but said my cervix was closed and the yolk sac is perfectly round in a "beefy" part of my uterine lining. She kept hugging me and saying she was sorry and then told me to be hopeful. She gave me a picture and a 50/50 chance. I go back Wednesday to confirm one way or another. I can't stop crying. I'm scared to go to the bathroom. I've had almost zero symptoms and I feel like this is not gonna be ok. My spotting is on day 3 and cycles through bright red with some small clumps, to pale pink, to brown and faint, to none, then all over again everyday. It's only when I wipe.

Pictures of this mornings bright bleed and yolk sac on Friday.