intact care reminders for daycare


So we are no longer able to hold our son still during church service so we caved and put him in the daycare they offer. omg it was only an hour but I was a nervous wreck 😭 since he was born, nobody has ever watched him besides myself or my husband. Anyways mid service I got a punched in the gut feeling that was like omg no. what if they retract him 😭😭 I forgot to tell them about intact care. well right after service, she was like do you want me to change his diaper he feels wet. I was like oh no that's okay but thank you and just changed him when we got home. phew! instantly I got on and looked for some sort of sticker or something to put on his diaper and yay! just what i was looking for and cheap! pack of 30 for only 2.75. I know I'm extra lol but 🤷‍♀️ better safe than sorry.