STD maybe ??

So last year i had blisters in my sensitive spot and it got so painful so I went to the emergency room and the doctor didn’t do any tests, and said “looks like genital herpes.” i got swabbed and they said if I didn’t hear back the results for all the test came back negative, but I still had to sign a paper saying I had herpes. i never got a call back so that means it was negative, but she still diagnosed me with genital herpes? So i made an appointment with my PCP and she did blood test for STDs and all came back negative but she prescribed me meds for herpes to take as needed. I never OFFICIALLY got tested for herpes, and i havent had any symptoms since that time. I’m curious to if I should go back and get tested because i honestly don’t know if I have it or not. What do y’all think cause I’m stuck believing I’ve had herpes for a year when possibly I dont.