I fear this pregnancy is going to be so rough !


Last night I couldn’t sleep at all! I cramped so bad alllllll night long I couldn’t get comfortable and I was bloated and I felt nauseous all night I feel nauseous 24/7 I’m tired some days but can only sleep like and hour at a time. Sometimes these cramps are so bad I don’t even feel well enough to do daily house chores and I’m starting to get down ! I just want to feel good for one day ! I don’t want to cramp and ache all over for one day I don’t want to feel nauseous for atleast one day lol I’m almost so over it and I still have a long ways to go! What can I do to feel decent some days and ways to help myself feel better. I take Tylenol but I don’t want to have to take it every day all day long !