Cousin being a b****

My cousin and I are like twins. We are best friends and do everything together. I am 17 and she is 26. She has 3 kids and is currently pregnant. Well I recently became sexually active so of course I told her and she said “have fun getting pregnant young like I did” and I told her that I’m on the pill and take it perfectly. I also have used a condom every time I’ve had sex. She said “well that’s what all my mommy friends said and look at them now” Wtf? Sometimes she can be such a bitch. She isn’t on birth control and never has been. I don’t think she even uses condoms. She told me today “I had a dream you were taking pregnancy tests and you were pregnant. With my last pregnancy that’s how I found out I was pregnant I had a dream and then woke up and took a test and it was positive. So good luck” Now I’m worried about getting pregnant.