Love the name, afraid of opinions?

Aubrey • 26, married 06/2013, 1st babe born 9/17/2017 💜, 2nd babe born 4/20/2020 💜

Anyone else have a name they loooove but are afraid to put in the open because of what other people might say?? I’m so worried that other people’s opinions are going to ruin how I feel about our chosen girls name! Am I alone in this? 😂

Edit: I’ll just share the name here since people are curious. We don’t know gender so are taking a list to the birth and will choose after but our top girls name is Ottilie Grace (Aw-Tuh-Lee)! It’s a super old French name that is rarely used anymore and I came across it on a nameberry list and we both really love it! Our daughters name is Lynden (namesake from her great uncle Lyndell who passed a while back) and we felt like we needed something just a little different for this babe as well!