I need to rant...and maybe some advice.


So my boyfriend has a 14 year old son who lives with his grandma in Oklahoma. We live 14 hours away from him cause he doesnt want to live with us, we tried. We moved down there for 2 years and decided that Oklahoma wasnt for us so moved back home, with him. He was here for 4 months and kept getting in trouble. Stole alcohol and his aunts vape pens, she was trying to stop smoking, we found a baggy of weed hidden in his room and he was just plain disrespectful and rude to everyone. We tried giving him space and that didnt work. We tried watching his every move and that didnt work. We tried everything. He kept saying he wanted to go back to Oklahoma, and we tried to make it as comfortable as we could for him. Nothing worked. Nothing made him happy. He hung out with the wrong kids, kept getting suspended from school and we decided after all the stress of bringing him up here that it just wasnt working out. So we drove him back down to Oklahoma.

We thought once he went back to Oklahoma his behavior would change. It didn't. He kept getting in trouble down there too. He was put in counseling and he told his counselor that he wanted to be put on medical marijuana. Well. That wasnt gonna happen. Even though his counselor agreed to do it, he still had to have parental consent and it was a big no. He wasnt responsible enough or did he need to be put on it. He's to young. The subject was dropped, he never talked about it again.

My boyfriend is the only one who works. I tried working at the beginning of my pregnancy and my boss treated me like shit. She made me feel guilty about being pregnant. She made, the job i once loved, the job I hated getting up for. I had anxiety attacks every time i went and eventually i started bleeding very heavily. I ended up in the hospital several times and my boss could care less. She told me that she was going to find someone else to take my job cause she was tired of picking up my slack. (I was under a weight restriction due to the bleeding and i was an assistant manager at a job and i had to stock product but i couldnt do the normal job i did cause it was over my weight restriction) so my boyfriend told me to quit.

He sends his sons grandma a hundred dollars a week for child support. And his grandma makes more then my boyfriend does. His son calls every other day asking for us to send him money. We dont have extra money to send. We have our own bills to pay, and rent and food to buy and he doesnt get it. We tell him we have no extra money and he gets mad and hangs up. Everytime his dad calls him its the same thing. He asks for money and gets mad when we dont have any to send. So his dad quit calling him. Cause he doesnt want to talk to us unless we are sending money for him or if hes complaining about how much his life sucks and blah blah blah. His grandma called his dad and told him that he needed to start calling him and talking to him. And he tried explaining to her that ,his son doesnt want to talk to him unless theres money involved. She doesnt get it either. And i dont understand how 100 a weeks isnt enough for his needs.

So his son calls me this morning, wakes me up, me thinking there was something wrong, i answer the phone. And low and behold hes asking for money. After his dad sent his grandma 120 on Friday. I get pissed off. I tell him that if he wakes me up again because he wants money i was gonna lose my shit. I tell him the same thing we always tell him. He gets mad and hangs up. Same shit, different day. And im really tired of it. Im pissed off. And i dont want to pissed off. Im suppose to be happy carrying this child. And im still ranting about it.

Sorry its so long. I just need to rant.