So we have only gone and done it ❤️

This has taken a failed 13 year relationship, in 2017 with not one positive test with feelings that I was faulty, useless. Then last year the ex announced he was expecting and I felt even more faulty. Anyway when I left him I had met the man of my dreams and this year we got married and here we are 6 months on with my first ever positive test. CD 35 yesterday when we found out, almost 5 weeks I think. My husband works away and it’s quite rare we even get to be together at the right time. I don’t religiously track or do anything monthly apart from fill in my period days. Anyway we made love cd13 and cd18 so I find myself feeling really lucky. I never imagined in a million years I would be where I am today. I only took a test because my boobs were really hurting my cycles sometimes go as late as cd 38 so I want expecting this at all.

So basically what I’m trying to say is keep at it, if it can happen for me after god knows how many years, then it will happen to you too when the time is right.

I was told some 7 years ago by a spiritualist that it wouldn’t happen until my relationship was right and here we are ❤️ I’m feeling blessed x