Working and breastfeeding advice

Cass • First time mama 💜👣

I go back to work in 2 weeks and am looking for any advice on how to keep up breastfeeding while working. Current I nurse my 10 week old whenever she wants, about every 4 hours normally. At night after I do her last feeding before bed, I pump to drain everything, then my hubby does the next feeding so I can sleep. When I get up for the next I feed her and pump the extra. But now that I'm going back, I'm wondering if I need to be pumping more. I hate pumping. It takes away from me holding her after she eats, and messes her up with falling asleep. But, otherwise I'll barely make what she needs.

I'm also always full and leaking, so I hate to tell my body that it needs to be ready every 3 hours (when pumping at work) and then only feed her every 4-5 at home. I'll be so engorged and leaking

I'll take any advice ya have 😁