What to do


Found out I’m pregnant to my ex but we have still being sleeping together that’s how I got pregnant, just told him and he isn’t happy about it which I understand because it wasn’t planned and is a massive shock but he isn’t keen on keeping it and wants me to get rid of it and basically saying if I keep it that I going to mess the baby life up my life and his life up , I know we both live with our parents and having got the best jobs to give the kid everything it wants but we don’t need to give the kid everything it wants just what it needs and we will have our family’s to help us out if needed . But I can’t get rid of it , even tho that sounds so selfie of me and but I physically can’t go through the pain and the horror of getting rid it , when I’ve told him this he basically said that if I keep it he won’t forgive me and everytime he looks at the baby he will think of what I did which I don’t want , I know this is because he had plans to move away with his mate and that’s why we broke up but that’s him being selfish towards me and the baby to do that has I’m not the only person to blame for this child has it takes 2 , what do I do