Freaking out that something's wrong

I've been using glow for a while to track CM and get an idea of my cycle but only started temping this month. 
​Temps were normal and then right on cue I got egg white cm for 3 days then watery on most fertile day then had a runny tummy in the morning along with temp dip from 36.44 to 36.18. Assumed I ovulated so DTD. 
​Temp next day was 36.28 and day after. Didn't temp for 3 days and then started again as when I did temp was only 36.3 and has been around there since. My cycles are gular at around 32 days and I always come on around 17 days after egg white CM starts so I think luteaul is normal but I know my temps should be way up and instead there lower than FS stage.