6 weeks old


Ok so my 4th was due nov 4th but was induced oct 16th due to low fluids ... my 3rd daughter has a different dad which has unfortunately passed away 😔 but we have a wonderful man who has stepped up and been daddy to her since birth ... we now have a 6 week old together and my daughters gma always wants her like every weekend & I absolutely love that . I never turn her away just because I understand why she’s holding onto her so tuff that’s the only piece of her son she has left so anytime she wants her I let her go with her ... well recently anytime she brings baby girl home my baby girl is crying hysterically and screaming and crying noooo holding onto her not wanting to come home with me and her siblings ... it hurts like hell to witness this these past few weeks .... and honestly I don’t understand why or what’s going on maybe it’s a phase because of the new baby I DONT kno 😓 before I went into labor we had her potty trained and she was officially using the rest room as a big girl .... well when I came home from hospital and she came back from her gmas house she was in pull-ups and a whole set back is underway now ! Now shes using the bathroom on her self and just going backwards I feel but my question is her gma wants her for thanksgiving... but I want her with me and her siblings and my mom and father . Am I wrong for feeling like I kinda wanna slow down the visits for a while until she’s potty trained again and she’s not screaming Bloody Mary when it’s time to come home !!! ?? It truly hurts my feelings and I just think I want my baby with us for the holidays... THOUGHTS 💭 ??