Question for ladies who've had an epidural!

❤👑Rachel 👑❤

So a while back I had a spinal tap for migraines. I had excess fluid in my spine. My neurologist decided a spinal tap was the only way to drain said fluids. I got it done and the next day I was in bed with a excruciating migraine!! It lasted a week and I was hospitalized.. since then I'm scared to death of any needles going into my back. I was supposed to get one more tap and decided it wasnt worth the pain. Plus my migraines got better. Well now I'm scared to death of getting an epidural. I didnt have one w my son bc I was already 9cm and they wouldnt do it. I went all natural but it was so painful. My question is if have any of you ladies had an epidural and had a bad experience?? Or even a good experience??

Like a major migraine afterwards?? I'm just so scared it will happen. I know it may have just been my neurologist and the way he did it but it still makes me nervous. I'm just scared after i have my daughter if I do get one I'll be a zombie and stuck in bed while I'm trying to care for a newborn. I'm currently 23 weeks and 3 days so these are things I need to decide on ahead of time.

Any experience or advice is welcome. Thank you ladies.