Husbands Gallery

Please don't bash, I am just looking for advice.

On Saturday we were over at my MIL house and he was acting weird about his phone. She asked if our niece could just look at his pictures and he panicked and said no. It seemed a little more than normal. We have each others passwords and when I was in the shower, I looked at his gallery to find a folder labeled "The dirty shit" with porn videos and pictures. I normally don't care if he watches porn, we have used it for background noise before.

Last night I confronted him and just said 'So I looked at your gallery' and he immediately responded with the fact that it was just for one of the pages he is on with his guy friends.

I feel hurt that he was hiding that kind of thing. And if he has it saved to his phone is that really the truth? Is it really for his guy page?

It makes me feel like I'm not enough, like he needs that instead of coming to me with any needs.

I am trying to see his side of it.