28weeks pregnant and loosing fluid.

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So I'm 28 weeks pregnant, I had a small gush a few weeks ago and had a speculum to see and they said my cervix is closed so it cannot be me loosing fluid, but this happened with my youngest. Everytime I went in to be checked my cervix was closed but all my ultrasounds showed I kept loosing fluid which then resulted in my youngest being born at 34+3. I have a scan tomorrow to check the weight (my second son was 5lbs 12oz at 38 weeks, had similar issues with him but leaked fluid from 37 weeks and then induced at 38 weeks due to low waters which only showed on the scan!). I don't know what to do, every now and again I keep leaking, I try to keep a pad on but it's not comfortable and constantly rubs and some days I don't leak. But everytime I do, I go to the hospital and then get told I'm being silly and it's not fluid and I'm weeing myself. I'm in the middle of transferring hospitals since the hospital did this last time and I ended up contracting sepsis and being really bad after my section, which they didn't realise I had sepsis until the 4th day after my secrion because they forget to do bloods. I just feel like I'm going in circles with Drs, I tell them I'm leaking fluid and they say I'm not because my cervix is closed, I'm exhausted of it now and just don't know what to do, I'm from the UK and I don't get transferred to the new hospital until 16th of December.