Home from L&D


Well mamas. I woke up Monday morning, lost my bloody show, thought nothing of it as I was 35+5 and in my previous pregnancies baby didn’t come for a week or more after losing it. Well, my back labor (this will be my fourth babe with back labor) started a few hours later. I waited it out at home, after dinner it seemed to stop. It wasn’t coming in waves anymore and was just a constant pain and a bunch of pressure. So I assumed all was well and baby dropped some. I was wrong just before bed, it all started back up again. I was pissy. I hate prodromal labor 🙄 so I attempted to wait this time out as well. I made it until about 2pm yesterday and finally told my husband “come home it’s time to go, I can’t take it anymore.” We got to L&D by 4pm and they immediately checked me, I was 4cm and they put me on the monitor. I was having contractions but didn’t feel them, just the immense pain in my back and pelvic pressure but baby was fine. She’s not in distress. Heart rate 150, not much movement but it wasn’t expected at this point. Doctor came in and asked the question “Do you want to see how this progresses or do you want to stop it?” Hubby and I agreed to stop it. I hadn’t had my group B test yet and while that sounds silly because they just give you antibiotics I don’t like having an IV in as I’ve always labored naturally and prefer to not have it unless needed (just my personal preference nothing against any other mama who labors differently)! That and we’ve had a 34w and 37w baby who both needed extra time so we want her as close to 38w as possible. I’m being induced at 38w due to ICP anyways. Sooooo. They brought in my first round of steroids for her lungs. Then they gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop my contractions. They held me for a few hours to be sure they actually stayed away. We were so excited to go home then the nurse comes in and says I need to wait until the morning for discharge so the doctor can make sure my contraction’s don’t come back over night. 😒😒😒😒 SIGH. anyways. We got discharged at 730am this morning. We’re home resting with the babes as they’re out of school for fall vacation this week. However when I just stood up, I got this crazy headache that feels like I have a rubber band around my head and it’s just squeezing AND my whole body is sore and tense. It feels like I’m stuck in the middle of a contraction honestly. My stomach is rock hard. There’s pressure in my back and pelvis. My arms and legs feel stiff. I’m wondering if this is from the terbutaline? The last time I had that was 7 years ago with my 34weeker so I don’t remember the side effects. I have an appt at 1pm for my second round of steroids so I’ll talk to my ob then. Anyways. If you’re still reading. Thanks for listening to me vent lol I’m exhausted mentally and physically.