Need some advice

Long story gonna try to make it short.

I’m now 23 and he’s 37. Met him about 1 1/2 years ago. We hit it off and we both liked each other more than friends. We had sex before, he would take me out or I’d always sleep over his house and we’d just chill and watch movies or even go to the gym together. Problem is I feel like I was being “led on” if you will. After about us hanging out for 6 months I asked what we’re doing as far as us. He said he wanted to take it slow, etc. because he’s been hurt before. Ok, understood 👌🏽... that 6 months turned into about a year and at that point I became a little impatient because you should know by then if you want to be with someone in my opinion. Eventually after waiting for so long I moved on with my life and he was still a friend of mine without the sex and spending the nights with each other. I’d still just talk to him time to time as friends. I eventually went my separate way and ended up dating someone else who I got into a relationship with. That didn’t last long, only about 6 months. Now I’m back at square 1 talking to him again. He has the same “I don’t wanna move too fast” attitude and he’s almost 40 at this point now. When I pick his brain about marriage or having more kids in the future (he has 1 son I have no kids) he kind of just seems uninterested. Idk, he clings on to me and likes me but I’m just confused on where his head is. He’s a good guy, not disrespectful, hard working, and he isn’t a promiscuous guy at all. He’s very reserved actually. He got hurt at like 20 something years old and every since I guess he has doubts about relationships. At this point I don’t want to keep wasting my time on what “may be” one day. Should I move on or what? He knows how I feel as I have expressed to him plenty of times but his response is always that I’m not patient. And he also doesn’t believe in “titles” like girlfriend or boyfriend. So idk. Move on or be patient?

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