First kiss.

Kimberly • Mommy to a little princess ❤️

So I have been single for the last 9 months, I had been talking to another guy but it was like flirting here & there nothing too serious and we’re co workers so we have to keep it professional at work we have been spending a lot of time together but only at work, he’s in a complicated relationship he isn’t in a relationship but it’s complicated he doesn’t live with his baby momma anymore but she apparently thinks they still have a chance, I am obviously no longer with my ex and he’s okay with me moving on as long as i don’t involve our daughter right away in meeting this new person. His name is Malik and he’s the most amazing person I have ever met or crossed paths with. I feel like I’m starting to fall head over heels. I constantly smile when he’s around I find any and every excuse to leave my work area and hopefully run into him I’m like falling in love for the first time when I’m with him my tummy gets butterflies I get chills and it’s an overall good feeling. We had our first kiss yesterday & it was magical 😍 like i could feel his heart beating fast and mine was too I didn’t want it to end I wanted to keep kissing him. & he compliments me all day something my ex never did, he makes sure I’m okay he hasn’t met my daughter but he’s constantly asking about her how she is and if she needs anything that’s not his roll or place, but if we’re serious about each other I guess it’s okay for him to ask right? I’ve never been in a relationship other than with my baby daddy so this is all new to me, I’d greatly appreciate any and every advice you experienced moms have to give!