Am I in early labour? 24 weeks

Hello, ever since I woke up this morning I’ve had extremely painful period cramping but very intense, and then the pain is really radiating around my lower back, pelvis and legs. It’s so horrible and really quite painful.

I have so much pressure down into my pelvis aswell... with my belly just tightening up on occasions but not an increased pain when this happens..

This is my first pregnancy so I really worry about whether the pain i’m feeling is normal and worry about contacting midwife/hospital if it’s just something silly!

I did feel a similar sensation to this before and was told by one of midwives on phone line there is no cause for concern and is just Pelvic Girdle Pain.... baby apparently is also sitting low

I don’t think what i’m feeling is normal, and i really don’t think pelvic girdle pain is this bad? It’s just constant and won’t go away whether resting/moving and I’ve taken cocodamol

Any advice would be great please!😖💗