I need help

Ever since I found out I’m pregnant I’ve been scared. I’m scared that since I’m young I’m not gonna be able to take care of it and I’m going to get stressed and start screaming at the baby and just not be able to be there for it when it’s crying becauseim going to be so sleep deprived. I’m gonna be the only one at home so me and my boyfriend decided on giving the baby up for adoption. But now it just seems like a bad choice because he’s been ripped away from 3 other kids before from his ex’s that he felt like they were his and I always wanted a baby to be able to give it the life I didn’t and just be able to give it a good life. But me and him don’t have stable jobs and I’m just scared that we won’t be able to provide for it. I don’t have any help from anyone and neither does he. I don’t know what to do. I want this baby because it’s mine but I also want to give it the best life it could have. I’ve thought before of going to church and asking them for help so that there might be a chance I can keep the baby but idk. I need help.