should i make a dr appointment?

i’m 16 , i got my first period when i was 10 & it was always normal until i was around 12 and i started to get really bad cramps so my dr put me on Lo’lolestrinfe (bc pill) and i’ve been on it for almost 3 years off & on (i’ve taken breaks sometimes due to me missing too many days) and i started being g more strict with taking it the same time every morning . and since then, every time i get my period it’s supper irregular and i often get it every two weeks and my cramps are very bad this cycle.

this is what my last few period looked like. they went from being 4-5 days to 6-7-8 days long!! i’m in so much pain should i make an appointment w my gynecologist?? i am sexually active i doubt that makes a difference but just saying