Did I really just feel that!?!

Lacy • Pregnant with Number 1 after TTC for 3 years with IUI!

So, I am 12 weeks 5days and we had another appointment with our OBGYN today and it was the first time we actually got to hear the heartbeat!

While the doctor was searching she pressed the Doppler in a bit and then I felt this sudden swoop downward and right as I felt the swoop the doctor said “Oh, we just missed it cause the baby moved downwards!” Then she moved the Doppler down and found the heartbeat!

I was shocked and told the doc I felt a swoop downwards and asked if that was baby and that I didn’t think I could feel it so early.

She confirmed that I can definitely feel it this early and that it’s very possible that it was the baby that I felt!

This is my first, so I really don’t know if what I felt was what I think I felt?!?

I don’t think I would have even thought that it was possibly baby if it weren’t for the fact that I was at the doctor and we were searching for the heartbeat.

What does it feel like??