9 week old lost appetite and tired


Hiya everyone just looking for a bit of advice/ checking if it’s normal.

My little girl is 9 weeks and 3 days and seems to have totally lost her appetite, she is feeding but the feeds are a lot shorter and when my husband does give her a bottle of expressed milk she’s falling asleep and rejecting it. For context, she’d normally have 4.5/5oz bottle of expressed milk now it’s barely 2. Her feeds on the breast were 30/40 mins now it’s 15 tops. She’s also more tired than normal, and it seems to be making her really grouchy. She doesn’t have a temperature or anything. She had her jabs on Monday and was feeling very sorry for herself and had a slight temperature but the temperature came down yesterday but her appetite, sleepiness and temperature are a bit concerning.

Anyone else going through/ gone through this?

She also get really bad wind, im talking sometimes 2 minutes on the breast then she is thrashing around and needs to be burped. We’ve tried infacol and colief and I’m not convinced they do anything.