Strech and sweep.... now what?

Amy • 🍁 Ontario- 34 Married❤ 1st MC Oct/17 2nd MC Jan/19. Mummy to beautiful Keeley Savannah 11/28/19💓💓💓

Hello ladies!!!!! First of all.... Congrats to those of you that have already had the honor of having your baby this month. I am so happy for you all.

I am still pregnant....

And I don't want to be anymore.... this sweet little thing is baked.... I am done...... soooooo done with being pregnant!!!

I had a strech and sweep today, first one. Now, what should I absolutely,100% be doing, to help evict what I am sure is a darling baby from my uterus???? Any suggestions?

I should also mention that beyond having had a short nap (which was interrupted by a call from my MIL to find out if there was any baby news yet) that I have been awake since 3:30 Am this morning and went to bed after midnight last night so this Mommy To Be is already exhausted.

Any recommendations on must do activities would be helpful.