I think this guy scratched my car?

So there’s this young guy who lives in the same apartment complex as me, he saw me walking my dog and yelled at me “Hey lady, pick up after your dogdamn dog!”

I turned around so fast and checked him. I said, excuseeeee me? I’m getting more dog bags, you don’t have to be so fucking rude” and I sort of flicked him off.

I can’t stand rude people. If you are going to take the time to be rude to me, I will check you and not hold my breathe, which is something I am aware that is not good and should be more conscious of. But that young mans tone really irked me and pissed me off.

Anyways, not the entire point of the story - I think he saw what kind of car I drive now because today I was pulling in and saw him walking his dog. We made eye contact.

I went upstairs to my unit, and when I came back downstairs, I saw a scratch on my drivers side. It was a long scratch that was not there before 🤔 there were no other cars next to me when I pulled in because I get off work at 4:00 and get home around 4:15 and saw the scratch around 4:45 when I get in my car to go to the gym. I’m tying not to jump to any conclusions here without proof, but the timing is just too good for me not to believe that he had something to do with it.

What can I do? I can’t tell my parents because they’re just going to scold me about it. I know my quick sassy mouth shouldn’t have flicked him out, but if you heard the way he talked to me, you might’ve done the same thing!