Is it normal to feel where you're carrying?

So.. I'm only 5w4d pregnant.. And since the beginning (even before I tested positive on 4w1d) I kinda felt more pregnant on my left side.

I'm not sure how I can describe it but I mostly, but not always, having a pressuring, sometimes pinching feeling on my left side.. Sometimes, very rarely it's on my right side.

I'm hoping it's not a sign it's maybe in my tube...

I'm hoping my little jellybean is just positioned on my left side.


It doesn't feel like flatulence, I have that sometimes and it feels different.

And I'm not constipated either.

To be tmi'ing here.. My poop is really soft but not soft enough to describe it as diarrhea.. If that makes any sense..


I'm also not bleeding or feeling unwell or in pain.. It's just a pinching pressury feeling..

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