Rude doctor?


Despite the good news the doctors office gave me yesterday about my 20 week anatomy scan, he was a little rude. I’ve only met with this doctor 3 times now and I ONLY meet with him when my primary doctor is out on delivery or vacation. Everytime I’ve seen him, he takes super long to get into the room. I was in the back in a room for an hour waiting. The nurse said there wasn’t anyone ahead of me either. The 2nd time I had met with him he brought up birth control for after I have my son and I told him I wasn’t planning on taking any. He tried for 20 mins or so to convince me to take it as if I’m too young to even Be having my son. I’m 19 and my son was planned. I’m also married. Well yesterday when I met with him, he came in and commented on my bump size saying it’s small (my son is super healthy and perfect size) and I just shrugged it off bc I was overly tired from waiting and I was starting to get super hungry. He then did routine questions and asked if anything new has come up like problems or pain and I said no. He got super disappointed in his voice and said I’m having an uneventful pregnancy. Like was he wishing it’d be more exciting or something? Idk if my hormones are making me over react but he just seems super rude toward me everytime I go to his office.

EDIT: I’m about to be 24 weeks. I forgot to put that in there. Plus I don’t take any kind of medicine even if it’s birth control

Because of my anxiety. I don’t even take Tylenol now for a migraine.