Induction vs. Going into labor naturally



I am a FTM (15w) so I am constantly researching and asking other moms for advice. My question is, for those of you who have either been induced or went into labor naturally: pros and cons to both? Bonus points if you have experienced both. 😁

My OB casually mentioned at one of my early appointments that he routinely induced moms at 39+ weeks and a lot of moms liked the convenience of scheduling the day.

My worry is, I understand that it takes some medications to get labor going. Does that make the labor harder? I am leaning against being induced unless medically necessary. I know that when the time comes the ultimate goal is a healthy baby and I will do whatever I need to do. My husband is a nurse practitioner and thinks we should wait for my body to go into labor on its own unless induction becomes necessary.

I just wanted to hear some different points of view from some strong ladies who have went through labor before.