I’m in shock 💔

So my boyfriend went out with his friends to eat. I have one his friends sister on Instagram and she did a live. She was there and so was my boyfriend and his friends. On the Live I heard my boyfriend talking shit about me, which has me in shock right now. His friends were talking about one of them getting back with their ex and my boyfriend comes out saying it’s not going to work, I went back with my girl and Ik it’s not going to work it’s not. We’ll be fine for a bit and then again. I can’t with that shit. (we’ve broken up before because he’s cheated and ever since I’ve had trust issues). He also told them how I begged him to stay, and that I said that I could try and change🙁, how embarrassing ☹️. I know I’ve been better we’ve done so much better now, now I trust him more but I also don’t get why he would say that he “knows” it won’t work then why be with me. I don’t get it, he tells me he loves me and after hearing this I feel otherwise. His friends then started talking shit about me based on what he was saying. He was telling them all the little trust issues I’ve had and all I kept hearing was wtf is wrong with her, she’s crazy. He kept going and going. Then I also heard that one of his friends showed him a picture of a girl that he’s talking to and I clearly heard my boyfriend say “she got a fat ass”. Right now we aren’t talking, “I’m busy doing hw”. I don’t know what to do. Now I feel like he’s told them everything about us, even our personal things that I’ve always told him to not say 🙁 Well, he doesn’t know I heard any of this but I do want to tell him. What do you guys think I should do. I really would like to know why he would say all that stuff about me and have his friends talk shit about me when I thought he loved me like he says he does. He never defended me through out that video even after the girl from the same live that I was watching called me a bitch. 😐