Husband STILL cheating?

~A little backstory: My husband was constantly accusing ME of cheating on him (which I've never done). Well, last month, I found out my husband emotionally cheated on me a week before we got married (which was only back in late August). I'm also due in December with our 4th baby, so I have been trying to forgive him. I've been slowly putting it behind me, but it's still always in the back of my mind.~ Anyways, after I confront him about cheating, he didn't deny it, but automatically gave me the most stupid excuse ever. Ever since confronting him, he's been extremely sneaky with everything. Where as he used to always leave his phone just laying around, but now he ALWAYS keeps his phone in his pocket, even when he sleeps. He has changed all of the passwords to every one of his social media accounts. (Which I don't mind that I can't get in them. It's just suspicious doing it immediately after what he did). Could he still be cheating? I feel deep in my gut that he's definitely hiding something, not sure if it's exactly cheating.