34wks Nesting! Hubby doesn't get it

tit4tat • Now a momma of 2gorgeous girls

My husband doesn't understand how I'm feeling.. we have half the wallpaper done in the living room and I'm about to lose my shit n do it myself (he doesn't let me do then cos of strain)

6 weeks to go and I've not even sorted out baby clothes (I'm moving to my mums for a month for help with my 4yo and baby), hospital bag etc. Cos he keeps saying "we will do it later" and that FRUSTRATES the shit out of me cos I want to do it NOW but he says "I'm tired" or "we will have more time tomorrow" and tomorrow - for the past 3 weeks - has not come yet!!

Idk if I'm good to react or if im overreacting cos if baby comes and things aren't in place I would be so upset!